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Boosting business across the UK.

But how? At Boost, we have primary access to over 3000 advertising billboards across the UK in the most prime locations. Our new product MIscreen has helped hundreds of small businesses 10x their advertising return for the same price as a coffee per day. 

We control over 3000 digital advertising billboards on high traffic motorways, roads, city centres, sports stadiums, motorway service areas, entertainment venues, local towns and more, all across the UK.

Boost is an innovative advertising company that connects businesses with customers across the country via digital screens.


We're independent and agency free meaning we can always offer the best prices.


Our goal is to make impactful, Out of Home advertising affordable and available to all.


Reach new customers, and boost your business.

"A person who stops advertising to save money,

is like a person who stops a clock to save time". Henry Ford.

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